freshly squeezed (decim) wrote in thequestionclub,
freshly squeezed

I can't remember the title or the author's name of two books. One of the books is about a creepy guy (I think named Julian) who is sort of stalking this pretty blonde girl (Jenny, I think?), only he does it in a really weird way - he's part of another universe, or something, and he gives her a board game to play (in a plain white glossy box), which sucks her and all her friends inside of it, and they're trapped in it. I remember one of her friend's names is Summer, and she dies (but I think she's also revived) in the book.

The second book, by the same author, is about a group of kids (I think 5 or so, roughly 13-19 years of age) who all possess some sort of psychic power. I don't remember quite as much about this one - just that the main character was a pretty brunette, iirc, and she was having problems choosing between the proverbial good boy and the proverbial bad boy.

The author is female, and I'm pretty sure her first initial is J. I'm pretty sure they're young adult books.

1. Does anyone know which books/author I'm talking about? Answered: Book 1 is The Forbidden Game, book 2 is Dark Visions.

2. Do you watch Top Gear?

3. What sort of car to you drive?
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