N.M.S (moon_roof) wrote in thequestionclub,

More Questions!

So.. I gave my two weeks at the job that i have been at for a year and a half. I love the people, the actual work is ok. I have my reasons for leaving. Last week my friend decided to tell her manager that i was interested in a job, (when really i was just saying how i MIGHT be considering it AFTER i had finished this other job.) So, this new job is crappy and i don't enjoy it all that much. And i told my parents and they were saying how i could just revoke my two weeks and stay. A few people at work told me that i should stay. Today i decided i would do that and stay, but i didn't get the chance to pull the manager aside and talk to him. When i get home, i get a call for an interview with a company my other friend works at and she told me she'd talk to her manager but i hadn't heard anything for over 2 months until today.

So, what do i do?
Do i stay at my current job, and get past the minor details? I make ok money there.
Do i go to the interview, cause its JUST an interview and it doesn't mean a job?

And also.. How dumb am i for doing this? I seriously thought i had thought things through...
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