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When you hear that someone has commited suicide what do you think?

A look into your thoughts of suicide

When you hear about people committing suicide, what do you think? What goes through your mind? Do you think "Man, he/she was a coward"? "Another soldier in life down"? "What a selfish person, do they not know the effects that it has on their loved ones?"

Do you look at it like while it is a sad occasion/decision that it took bravery to go through with it? After all it is far easier to find people who are scared of dieing, or love life then it is to find someone who is ready or not afraid of death. Like, maybe you don't approve of their choice, but you respect the fact that for whatever reason they felt they had to commit suicide and it took courage to go through it?

Do you feel like its impossible to know what someone has been through and it isn't your place to judge? Sometimes the best Pep-Talks will never change the fact of how someone feels the way they do or the hopelessness they see all around them.

What are your thoughts?
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