>:€ (brightflight) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I went to a chamber music performance last night and was wondering two things: Is it awkward to be playing an instrument and have to turn the pages of your sheet music yourself? (There was no little boy turning the pages for them; what if the end of the page is some really ridiculous difficult passage? What then?) Also, how come there isn't technology for an electronic screen which shows the score scrolling along at the right pace (or is there)?

2. I'm trying to forget my first man-friend by moving on to man-friend #2. Do I seduce: hot middle-aged pizza parlor employee (this is not a joke; the pizza is really good and this man is totally classy)? Or the boy who sits at the counter of the local independent movie theater and has crooked teeth and wears sweaters and is beautiful but who my friend (who has a boyfriend) also totally loves, and either really piss off my friend or end up having a really hot foursome with?

3. When you go to get your poon waxed do they also wax your buttcrack? Does this make you feel like pooping? I'm just trying to comprehend the feeling here.

4. What should I buy to eat with penne pasta?
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