Shinga (shinga) wrote in thequestionclub,

Let's say you live in a country besides the US, but you want to get a work visa and move there for... I don't know, however long, doesn't matter. You have a college degree, speak two very useful languages fluently, and two more you're okay at, and have a couple of years job experience under your belt in your field. You have a very specific area you want to live/work in and it is important you find work there... if not in that city, then in one around it.

How would you go about doing this? Do you find a company willing to sponsor you, is there some sort of process thing you can apply for to place you with a company? Help me TQC, you're my only hope!

I'm trying to help a certain some one in this situation but I have NO IDEA how this process goes or how to find out. :\

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