My Dear Delirious (cpl593h) wrote in thequestionclub,
My Dear Delirious

Okay so my friend and I met a bunch of guys from the big university here in Rome, and for the past few weeks we've hung out fairly frequently and just had an awesome time. One of them asked me out last week and I said no, for a multitude of reasons. So he asked me again the next day, via text message. I also said no, this time in English because apparently I didn't get it across in Italian. I do not know this guy well at all, like not even enough to call him more than an acquaintance. We all had plans to go out tonight, but another one of the guys just texted my friend and told her that we can't hang out with them anymore, because the guy who asked me out is "not taking it well."


When was the last time someone in your life acted as though they were in middle school all over again?

What is your favorite animal?
Will you show me a cute picture of it?
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