You did it unto me, now I'm doing it unto you. (cairothegreat) wrote in thequestionclub,
You did it unto me, now I'm doing it unto you.

Has anyone else been in a situation where it was somewhat expected of you to have been jealous of someone, but just couldn't because for whatever reason you thought you were "better" than the other person involved? Did THAT make you feel like an asshole?

A guy I like only dates really skinny Aryan girls with plain faces and big unattractive noses. And as much as I like the guy, when people ask me if I'm jealous of the girls I just laugh. I feel that my obvious advantage in looks and intelligence, my superior sense of humor, and the fact that I have a more dynamic personality than ANY girl I've known him to date just makes feeling jealous superfluous. As far as I'm concerned, lol@him for his bad taste.

The only reason I feel bad at the moment is because I was friends with the girl he's dating now in middle school, and having to consciously realize that I feel superior to her is personally awkward. Although not so much that I think that this is a different case than usual

Does that make me a bad person? God I hope so. It feels too satisfying to be morally correct. At least that's what they taught me in church.
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