willard41 (willard41) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was the last time you really embarrassed someone in public either accidently, collatorally or on purpose? What happened?...do tell...

My boss is very fond of some of my more colorful idioms? sayings? colloquialisms? (e.g. when someone is being particularly critical I say they're "picking gnatshit outta peppa"). She was petrified I would bust one out during our quarterly meeting with the director of our department (who's actually pretty cool). I scared the crap outta her for weeks prior to a meeting with all kinds of nasty axioms, until she was in a lather waiting outside the office. When we in there and discussing a particularly bad process break I sprung my trap "they really screwed the pooch on that one!". I thought her beet red forehead would explode, but the director, as I predicted, thought it was hilarious. I think she peed her pants, but beat me with her notebook when we got out. Good times.
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