Yeah Yeah You Know It (tehevildork) wrote in thequestionclub,
Yeah Yeah You Know It

What would you do if you had a SO that smashed your windshield because he/she could not wake you up in middle of the night to talk about something important.  Called you that same night 19 times and came to your house banging on the window and such to try to wake you up before he/she broke the windshield.  And before that he/she threw your keys in the middle of the road while you were trying to go to your car because you did not want to deal with an argument.

oh and um while he was married to his ex-wife he broke her nose.

what would you do?

would you stay together with that person?

would you say this is a warning sign for abuse (any kind) later in the future?

thank you and sorry if this sounds pretty confusing. 
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