the Dessert Diva (dessertdiva) wrote in thequestionclub,
the Dessert Diva

I'm hitting it off really extreme with a guy I just met. The catch is that he's fresh off a longterm relationship of at the very least a year and a half. And by fresh, I mean like.. he clipped the cord like 3 weeks ago. I'm near positive that it's he who broke it off, and I only really know about it because I know one of his good friends. This guy doesn't talk or reminisce about the ex, or even mention her at all. He's affirmed many times how much he likes me. I date a lot and have been single for 3 years, so I'm jaded and weary. But I like him and he strikes me as very sincere. I don't get along this well with everybody.

Is this rebound-city?

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