wannabe rockstar (rotf_lmao) wrote in thequestionclub,
wannabe rockstar

So, TQC, what think you all of this:

I ordered a CD on January 17th, and sent a money order via registered mail to the company (I'm on the east coast of Canada, the company is based in Santa Monica, CA). There was a tracking number provided with it, so I was notified when the money order was delivered, on February 4th. But, I have yet to receive the CD. I've emailed the company twice to a)make sure they actually did receive the money order and b)to check on the status of the CD (is it in transit? have they shipped it at all yet? what?) I haven't gotten a response to either email.

So. Should I email them one more time (third time's the charm and all that?) If I do email, should I be all nice and friendly the way I have been in the first two, or should I threaten to report the company to the BBB if they don't answer my inquiry? I'm feeling a bit bitchy about the whole situation at the moment, so I'd be inclined to go with option B, but I'd like to get someone else's input on the whole thing.
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