And THEN, (ships_sail) wrote in thequestionclub,

Someone has to go- which of these characters would you fire/let go/whatever from a relatively busy Manhattan cafe?

In order of how they were hired:

1. Nastasiya- Has worked at the cafe since the beginning. She is very hardworking, and though her English isn't awesome, she speaks the language of the kitchen (Russian) and has put up with a lot of shit. She does not get along with some other workers at the cafe, but she is a very unlikely candidate to get fired. Is also here on a student visa, and will be leaving in six months.

2. Rob- A traveler. Is older than the rest of the group and declared himself "floor manager." Despite being pretty incompetent with the concept of table service, he has good ideas and does a lot of bitchwork for the owners. Many people dislike him, but are afraid to do anything about it because of his relationship with the owners and their families. Tips have "disappeared" a few times on his shift, but no one knows he took them for sure. Speaks Russian, Serbian, Swedish, German, French and English fluently.

3. Anya- Rob's girlfriend. Very poor English, but a "charity case" because we feel bad for her. She is also older, and a good worker (+ good cafe experience) and a very fun and genuine person, but her problems with the English language have resulted in a lot of wrong orders, delivery mistakes, customer issues, etc. She is planning on breaking up with Rob and moving back to her home country, she just needs to make some money first. Is the weakest link, but ethically, it would be fucked up to fire her.

4. Emma- Was hired around the same time as Anya. Not as experienced as some of the others, but because she only works nights, it's not really needed. Can use conversational/technical Russian. She butts heads a bit with Rob and one of the owner's wife, but is very friendly with the other owner and the rest of the cafe. She's very personable and hard-working and is often paired with workers that don't speak much English because she is American born and raised.

5. Marissa- Very hardworking and personable, but often very disorganized. She and Emma work together a lot, and make a good pair as long as Emma tells her what to do. Speaks no Russian, only English. She is openly disliked by one of the owners and his wife, and liked by the other. She lives across the street from the cafe and will reliably come in if anyone gets sick, is tired, etc and relieve them of their shift. She is available all the time, but she is often not scheduled to work on certain days because she gets overwhelmed when it is busy.

6. Ksenia- Hired very recently under the premises that she would work only weekends, but she has been fired from her other job and wants to work full time at this cafe. She is a good worker, but very shy. Her availability isn't very flexible, but she excels at customer service. She has called in a few times already to have Marissa cover her shift at the last minute. Fluent in Russian and English.

**Also, if Rob is out, Anya will probably also quit. Which means finding someone else, which may or may not be worth it.
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