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Is there a way to keep possums out of a yard?

And before ya'll tell me to go out and buy traps, I live in an apartment complex where everyone has their own yard behind the house if they are on the ground floor, which I am, and I know my manager would flip his shit if he found out I was putting out traps. I've talked to him about the possum problem around the complex (they sure do love our overflowing dumpsters) but he's unwilling to do anything about it.

Is there something like a scent I can put around my yard that they'll stay away from, kinda like boric acid for ants? I was considering putting poisoned food out, but figured people wouldn't be too happy if there were a bunch of dead possums suddenly laying everywhere.

Any other way that wouldn't possibly get me kicked out of the apartments if it was traced back to me?

(I mean, I generally don't have a problem with them, but they've been getting really brave. I petted one last night because I wasn't looking while taking a smoke break and thought it was a stray cat. Really kinda freaked me out. I don't go rampaging into their little forest area behind the complex, so it'd be nice if they stayed out of my yard.)
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