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So a few days ago I'm sitting at the computer reading and all of a sudden I get so dizzy I fall out of my chair. The dizziness lasted for several hours. I tried eating a snack mix with high protein, potassium, and carbs, but it didn't help. I also took a decongestant at the insistence of my girlfriend. It got better after I woke up, but I was still a bit dizzy.

What do you think it is? Am I pregnant? I mean, I've never had sex before, but yanno, I could be the new Mary (*rolls eyes*).

Today I went out with my mum and ran a bunch of errands. We were in and out of the snow and then we went to eat at Friday's. I had the fish tacos (yeah, my mom cracked up when I ordered. The waiter was embarrassed). I ate two out of three and then we went to the mall. While walking around in Penney's, I started feeling nauseous and hot. My mum told me my face was flushed. I sat down while she finished shopping and then we drove home. I started feeling more and more worse and I got sick to my stomach and had diarrhea.
Do I have food poisoning? Or would I only throw up if the fish was bad? Would it hit that soon?
Should I go to the hospital or wait? I haven't gotten the flu in about ten years, so I don't know if it's that or not.

 Did you crack up when you saw the words fish taco? It had this white-ish creamy sauce and my mind went to nasty places. It certainly didn't help that my mom kept sniggering.

Have you ever been to an adult novelty store with one of your parents?  Mum and I went today and she took me when I bought my first toy :D
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