Ambiguity (pixsky) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I bought a huge bag of TVP when I moved out, because some vegetarian recipe book said it was a pantry-staple. On reading the book, there aren't any recipes which include TVP. So, vegetarians - what can I make with this large bag of TVP that tastes good?

2. If you have an SO and are having friendly conversation (and perhaps a little bit of flirting) with someone of your preferred gender, at what point in the conversation does your SO come up?
(I ask because I've been getting interested in this guy, he didn't mention any SO until considerably into the acquaintance, where he talked about being cold at a camping event, I said 'sounds like it would have been one of those stashing as many people as you can into a tent for warmth nights' and he said 'well, i was just lucky i had somewhere to share my sleeping bag with.' I sort of think it otherwise might not have come up.)

3. Have large piles of homework I should be doing (naturally, I am assuming best way to get piles of Criminal Law/Social Philosophy/Political Science reading and homework done is by asking inane questions on TQC...) -How do you motivate yourself to get work done that's not going to be assessed until the end of semester exam when it's a nice, sunny day outside?

4. For those of you not from Australia, what are your preconceptions about it?
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