mon.petit.vulcan (peejaykayess) wrote in thequestionclub,

in terms of dating and relationships and whatnot..

1. do you think there's such a thing as one person being "out of the league" of another person?
2. do you get upset when you notice someone is attracted to someone that's out of their league?
3. have you ever gone out with someone that was, by typical social standards, out of your league? how did that work out for you?


i don't know why but i get really upset when someone pursues someone else that, "by society's standards" is out of their league. its so weird. like for example our only male co-worker, i noticed he likes one of the new sales girls. he makes it so obvious. anywho she's the beautiful gorgeous, smart, model type. and he's just real geeky. he's a sweetheart though. but sadly geeky and uncool. and strangely enough when i noticed he was interested in her i just got so upset. its so irrational, almost funny. its not thati'm jealous cause i like him or anything.. its almost like i feel like he's upsetting some kind of balance in the universe. so weird.
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