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Peanut butter?

Okay, so this morning I was making myself a pb&j sandwich when I took a look at the peanut butter jar. I keep it in the pantry, this is how I was taught to store peanut butter, but on the side of the jar it says "CONTAINS NO PRESERVATIVES REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING" *ETA: It is JIF Reduced Fat PB*

So umm, my question to you guys is:

1. Is my peanut butter bad then? It's been sitting in my pantry for months opened.
2. Do you refrigerate your peanut butter?
3. AM I GONNA GET SICK!? Have I just been lucky all these years in not getting sick from eating 'bad' peanut butter??

ETA2: I wrote this after I had already left for umm, sorry to say but my reading comprehension must suck.

The jar said NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED. Maybe I was looking at the jelly jar when I read was early morning. Oops!
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