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WTF is going on with my Firefox?

Where the status bar goes is three times its normal size and even after hiding the status bar there is an inch or some of white that I can't explain :(

I made a big booboo at work last night. (I mean B-I-G! I screwed up cashing a federal refund check... oy vey) Both of my supervisors and the manager on duty told me that it was okay, shit happens, "you're not in trouble" the whole nine... but am i really in the clear? I mean, they fixed it, so it should be alright...right? (sorry, I've just been kind of panicky about it since it happened)

I am finally (and I mean finally) getting a laptop sometime next month (yay) but I need to know which is a better brand. Toshiba or Compaq. I've had experiance with the Compaq brand, but it was a tower, and I liked it a lot. But I have a co-worker who had a toshiba that died after a little less than three years.... but I don't know what kind of care she took of it.... So I need opinions Toshiba or Compaq?

I feel dreadful for even considering.. but I want to call in tomorrow to work because friday (I work O/N so I go in on Thurs night and get off Fri morning) I have a kind of important meeting I need to be awake and aware for... is that an okay thing to do? *frets*

Have you ever volunteered for a task at work that basically everyone thinks yer kinda nutty for wanting to do it? *Yeah, I got lots of stares for it, too.*

I work with a shit load of smokers. I mean, a SHIT  LOAD of smokers. Out of the 30-35  people I work with on O/N maybe 10 of us don't smoke. The question is: do you think that people who work with the public and smoke should be required to not smell of stale tobacco/smoke? *Personally, yes, because if there is one thing that automatically makes me GAG, it's the smell of stale tobacco/smoke!*

*looks up*



thanks in advance.
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