I fell off of lj (themournfulduck) wrote in thequestionclub,
I fell off of lj

my mom+facebook=trouble?

My mom just added me on facebook.


What do I do?

If I don't add her she'll be offended, but if I do add her she'll be able to stalk me and I won't be able to use facebook comfortably anymore.

I feel like she made one for the sole purpose of being my facebook friend and seeing what I have on my facebook and writing things on my wall like "have you been eating enough? You shouldn't be up this late. Have you paid your bills yet?" etc. No. No. No. That is not what facebook is for. When she got a hold of my myspace she got all pissed off about some things I wrote on it. When she read my lj she got all annoyed and pissed off. My internet persona + my mom = confrontations and bitching. I'm not all that vulgar or anything but she's the woman who thinks "sucks" is a bad word. And then she might look at my friends' profiles and decide that they are bad people. :(

The only thing that's on her facebook profile right now is her name and her birthday. She doesn't have a wall or any applications or anything. Facebooks come with walls, don't they? Why doesn't she have one?

I am really confused and scared, TQC! What should I say to her? What should I do? What would you do if you were me?

EDIT: She just emailed this to me:

Hey Jamie,

How are you feeling and when are you coming home? I tried to join facebook but it seems like you blocked me. Is that true. Am I too old for it.

My cell phone went missing so please call me on the home phone. I love you!

I didn't block her, though. I just prevent people not in my network from seeing my facebook and she doesn't have a network. But now she's demanding an answer so it will be harder for me to ignore it. She wants me to call her, like NOW. D:
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