My Dear Delirious (cpl593h) wrote in thequestionclub,
My Dear Delirious

So, my roommate and I let another girl in our program move in with us a couple of weeks ago. She's really a very nice person, but she claimed not to be getting along with her roommates so we figured we'd let her come stay with us. Now, like I said, she is really very nice. She's also turned out to be completely annoying as shit. She does things and has habits that are really irritating my other roommate and I. At this point, there's no point in asking her to leave because it's not as if she's intolerable. But, we did invite her to Naples with us in a few weeks and now we're regretting it. There's no graceful way out of this situation, is there, TQC?

Ladies, do you ever wear body shapers to help the look of certain outfits?

What has been your most expensive luxury purchase to date?
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