Shinga (shinga) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I have been at this job for two months and as hard as I try to overcome it, it is not my pacing. I have several odd responsibilities that come at random, it's extremely sporadic and unstructured, and some things I do maybe once every three weeks that I forget very quickly how to do (so when they come up again I'm supposedly trained, but IDK WTF to do)... and from what my boss says, most people get the hang of this job after two weeks and I still don't. My pacing is more of a specifically focused one, I like to have a handful of regular responsibilities and I kick ass at those, but any more than that and I tend to get easily disorganized and stressed and forget what I'm doing and make frequent mistakes.

I'm looking for another job, though I won't leave this one until I have another lined up. But that's not my point.

TQC, what is your work pace? Are you fast and better with something new every day, or do you prefer structured and focused? Something else? In between? .... Etc? :P

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