Kim (blasphemae) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, TQC! My mom got a text message from an unknown caller (though the area code was the same as ours). The message was something along the lines of:

"You will never guess where I am and who I'm with! Call me on his phone, because mine is roaming."

It had a phone number at the end. 413-241-2498.

Instead of being smart and googling the number, I grabbed my cell phone and tried calling the sender of the text message. I got an automatic response thing from Alltel saying the customer wasn't available, so I decided to call the number that was given in the text message next.

Here's a youtube video I found of the message you get when you call, if you want to hear:

After hearing that, I finally decided to google the number to see what the hell it was from (even though it said it was from the Rejection Hotline, I wasn't quite convinced), and I find all this crap saying that calling the number is a $30 charge, and that if you called, your personal information (like SSN and whatnot) is now compromised, and a number of other things that have me worried.

1) How stupid was I for calling the number without trying to check up on it first?
2) How worried should I be? I can't find anything actually confirming that calling this number was a bad thing to do.
3) Is my mom going to kill me when I tell her?

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