followills (followills) wrote in thequestionclub,

So before Xmas, my girlfriends & I went to a concert. The day of it my cousin (who is one of my best friends) bailed on it.. I wasn't mad or anything, things come up..
Anyway, the ticket cost $35 & we made a deal that she would give me a free ticket to her fashion show as payment for the money i was out for her ticket.
I was down for that... I would have went to the fashion show anyway.
But now, I think she forgot, because she keeps mentioning the cost of the show [which is in may] to me.
So TQC, how should I go about informing her that i'm not paying for a ticket because she owes me money?

I'm awkward with money issues. I hate asking people for money, i feel like I'm being petty.. but UGH..
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