>:€ (brightflight) wrote in thequestionclub,

Listen to me, you perverted plastic horse.

Is Cute With Chris (the weekly video show, or the website) pure Canadian genius, or really irritating? Does it grow on you after a while?
He is my savior.

How does thong underwear make you feel?
It makes me think of butt floss. The fabric gets way too near my actual asshole for comfort, so I go the way of the mom-ass panty-lines instead.

Do you ever assign human personality traits to species of animals?
Horses remind me of distinguished nobles and of kind-hearted policemen. Poodles remind me of high-strung socialites. Both my cats remind me of drug dealers I've known––the shifty black one is for sure a coke dealer, and my jumpy confused half-blind white cat is like that man who used to deal acid under a tree in Central Park who eventually got arrested and disappeared.

Do you ever pop other people's prescriptions when they're offered? Or are pharmaceuticals way too serious to be taken that lightly?
My roommate inherited a bottle of her late grandmother's Tramadols, so we popped them like crazy for a couple of days.

Opinions on kimchi, if any?
Good in stew.
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