Honeysuckle Hopscotch (rererepetition) wrote in thequestionclub,
Honeysuckle Hopscotch

My roommate's boyfriend has told the following lies to her:
1. Told her that he was allergic to peanuts but not peanut butter. When I told her that that was impossible, she argued with me about. WTF. That doesn't even SOUND true.
2. Told her that he once had a temperature of 108 degrees farenheit, and his mom put him in an ice bath instead of taking him to the hospital. Because he wouldn't be dead after 106 or anything. When I told her that it was impossible to survive a fever of 108, she got pissed off at me for calling her boyfriend a liar.
3. Told her that he had two hamsters when he was a kid, and that he didn't know one of them was male, so they kept breeding, and he released them into the woods by his house, and now the woods are overpopulated with hamsters because they don't have enough natural predators. Wtf? Hamster bred in captivity can not survive in the wild.
4. Told her that he got kicked out of the army for being "too angry." He told her this after he had previously told her that he got discharged because of his wrist. I think both are lies.
5. Told her that his mom walked in on his brother masturbating in his mom's one piece bathing suit upside down in their bathtub, and then their mom held a family meeting about it. (Well, this COULD be true.)
6. And, just last night, he told her that three people in their hometown killed themselves this weekend, and that the suicides were unrelated. Upon googling, she found nothing. Nothing at all. Not even in the obituaries. If it were true, there would be SOMETHING on the internet.
Also, one time he showed up at our room at 3 am (and he lives two and a half hours away) completely unannounced and lied and said his mom was beating him and needed somewhere to stay for the weekend. So, he's a 23-year-old with army training, and he can't defend himself against his drunk mom?

What the hell would motivate someone to tell ridiculous, pointless lies like these? Do you know anyone who tells stupid lies like this? What lies do they tell? Should I twat-chop my roommate for believing all of this bullshit, or what?
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