Sara (sara_k_s) wrote in thequestionclub,

Another tipping question

Ok, I know people ask about tipping here all the time, but here's another one. I am getting a haircut today, and I'm wondering how much I should tip on a $16 haircut.

The place I go is pretty nice -- way better than Best Cuts and other similar chains -- but I guess it's just cheap because it's out in the middle of nowhere. The guy who cuts my hair also washes it (they don't have a separate hair washing person). He charges $16, so I usually give a $4 tip (which, conveniently, is my change from a $20). Thinking about it percentage-wise, 25% seems like a decent tip, but then $4 doesn't seem like much. So, TQC, how much would YOU tip on a $16 haircut?
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