A nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. (sarahonlife) wrote in thequestionclub,
A nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.

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You're in the grocery store, browsing along, selecting your frozen peas or whatever. Suddenly a song comes over the speakers. And it's that song. You know, the song that was the last one you danced to at your high school prom. Or the one that always reminds you of that road trip you took with your best friend. Or the song you danced to in the parking lot with your friends in college. Whatever the reason, it's that song. The song that, if you were in the car, you would crank the volume up and sing your little heart out and dance. But you're in the grocery store. With people.

Do you smile to yourself and move on? Bob your head a little? Mouth the words and dance a little? Or full out sing and dance through the aisles?

Does your answer change if you're at the store with someone who would presumably feel the same way about the song as you?

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