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I'm having a bonfire on the 14th. Who wants to partay?

I need some good party songs cause my friends think my music sucks. What are some good techno songs? Rock? Big Band? Swing? Jazz?
I'm going to have a big variety but not a whole lot of R&B or Rap music. No country either.

I've already got a few songs in mind: Bei Mir Bist Du Schön by  Baccara and In the Mood by Glenn Miller (yeah, my gram  gave me a WTF look, too, but I like the song and it's danceable).  I think I'll include Haben Sie Gehört das Deutsche Band? from the Producers too, cause I'm a dork.

What is your favourite song to dance to?
What song do you absolutely despise that always gets played in clubs?
What's a song that you always get a weird look for liking?
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