She's Not Art (shesnotart) wrote in thequestionclub,
She's Not Art

This doesn't get asked often enough.

1. I know this really great and really good-looking guy. Well, I did know him. I was his boss up until a few weeks ago, and I quit. I really don't see him anymore, and I thought I was pretty much over him (out of sight, out of mind). I went back to work to get something I left the other day, saw him and thought nothing of it, and had the strangest dream about him that night. Being the silly girl I am, I have severely regressed since then. He and I weren't really good friends before I quit, and we had just started to make progress right before I left. What should I do? Stop being dumb and stalkerish and move on? I think it'd be awkward to Facebook him saying "u r so hottt." Should I swing by the old workplace and tell him I had a dream about him and I think we're soul...friends?

2. Do you believe dreams have meaning?

3. What would you think if someone told you they had a dream about you?
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