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I've had a migraine since I woke up this morning. I've drunk (drank?) several 16oz bottles of water and taken various pills all day and nothing has helped. What should I do now??

Where did my Sharpie go?

Tomorrow is my husband's 25th birthday. I didn't get him anything. Am I a bad wife? I figure since he's the one with the paycheck, he'd be in essence buying himself a present, lol.

What's on top of your Netflix/Blockbuster Q?
What do you have out right now?
Blue's Clues and Stardust

Do you enjoy thunderstorms?

How was your day?

EDIT: I didn't enjoy Cooking Mama for the Wii as much as I thought I would. Should I sell it on craigslist or keep playing it and hope it grows on me? Okay I listed it. If someone buys it, I'm gonna get the unlocked Blackberry that I saw for sale on there.
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