You did it unto me, now I'm doing it unto you. (cairothegreat) wrote in thequestionclub,
You did it unto me, now I'm doing it unto you.

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1. Why isn't life constantly awesome like in the movies?

2. If you could fast fore ward through the monotonous points in your life, would you?

3. What song(s)/music would definitely have to be in your life's soundtrack? Even if you had to change your life just for them to fit.

1. god hates me, and wants me to pull my hair out

2. fuck yes

3. Probably a shitload of ridiculous music that I wouldn't listen to for its quality. Like I'd want a lot of Limp Bizkit, like "Rollin'" or something. aha, ahahaha, ahahahahahaha! Oh man, that would rule.

But it'd all have to be intense music. Definitely some Powerman 5000. White or Rob Zombie. And I'd want my montage to be Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam." And the Deftones acoustic version of "Be Quiet and Drive"
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