Danielle (eleuthreophile) wrote in thequestionclub,

paging nurse LJ!

for some reason, it seems like i have both really good hearing and also pretty shitty hearing. i've noticed that if someone's standing right next to me and suddenly says something to me, i usually don't catch it and have to ask them to repeat themselves. but a lot of the time, i'll hear stuff that no one else is hearing, little stuff from across the room and whatnot. like, i can "hear" when a tv is on, even if i can't see it. there've been times where i'm in my bedroom, and the tv in the living room is on but muted, and i can "hear" that it's on. at night, i'll hear every tiny little noise that i really don't need to hear, as well. there've also been times when i've been in a group of people, talking to on person, and someone else says something about me to someone else. i usually will pick up on that, and comment on it, and people tend to be surprised that i heard them.

does anyone know why this is? mostly i'm just curious as to why i don't always hear what people right in front of me say, and yet i can hear things across the room and across the house. it's sort of like i'm nearsighted, but with hearing. wtf is this? it's always been like that, too.
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