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My long distance girlfriend's cat Horatio died last night unexpectedly. He went to sleep and never woke up. He was only a year old and she is devastated. She got Horatio and his brother and sister when they still had their eyes closed and nursed them with a bottle because the mother abandoned them.
She took him to a vet not too long ago because he was quite a bit heavier than his brother and sister and ate the same amount, as well as having undescended testicles. The vet said there was nothing wrong with him. She's taking him for a necropsy tomorrow to see if it was something preventable.

How can I make her feel better? I sat on the phone for a while with her, but she had to go to work. I want to drive up there and be with her, but it's 1200 miles and I only have twenty dollars.

What should she do if Horatio had something preventable that the vet missed? Would it even be plausible to sue? At the very least she's never going to that vet again.

I'm really upset about this too, even though I'd only seen pictures of him. Will you guys share some funny animal stories and pictures with me?
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