how do you own disorder... (queenlolly) wrote in thequestionclub,
how do you own disorder...

a few years ago on HBO i saw part of a movie that i can't seem to find. the most i can remember was that it was about a girl who looked to be mid-twenties, lived by herself, and had a doll. the doll was in a glass case and she talked to it. the girl meets a guy who i think wants to be a film-maker. she develops feelings for him and invites him over so he can show her a short film he has made. his film is a gory/romance thing involving blood and sex. after the movie is done, the girl tries to seduce the guy into having sex with her. she cuts herself somehow and spreads the blood on her and says "see? it's like your movie." the guy gets freaked out and leaves. the guy had just closed the door to her apartment at this point and before he walks off, he can hear the girl inside yelling at her doll like it's a person.

what was this movie?

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