Ellis (l3antha) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok guys. kind of tl;dr, i know. in my life drawing class, we are allowed to bring music to listen to on the class cd player, but no one ever does. for the last month, we have been listening to the same cd over and over and over again and it's driving me insane. i looked through my cds and picked out some that i thought would be appropriate (i.e. not vulgar), so tell me this:

will this selection of artists/bands be suitable for a group of art people, ranging in ages 17 - 50something? or am i just SO out of my mind with what type of music other people will like? i mean, i don't think these people are prudes or anything, (we stare at naked peen and vag all week), so that's not what i'm worried about, but do you think they will get annoyed with my music choices?

if YOU were in my art class, would YOU get annoyed at these music choices? do you think these choices are "safe" enough to kind of please everyone? do you have any better suggestions?

john denver
elton john
david bowie
the beatles
classical violin
fleetwood mac
bjork (this one is kind of iffy, because she is fucking WEIRD)
green day
christina aguilera

i'm bringing them all anyway, and if someone doesn't like it, then i'll take it off, but i'm just curious whether or not this would be really annoying music and if my classmates will hate me.
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