spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin' (mbmargarita) wrote in thequestionclub,
spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

3 equally important but totally unrelated questions

1. So you know how at the end of TV shows there will be a little tag for the producer? e.g. at the end of Grey's it's a rollercoaster that says Shondaland for her production company, at the end of "Veronica Mars" it's rats in ankle chains doing a conga line, after "Lost" I think there's a cartoon and the line from Jaws "That's some bad hat, Harry," at the end of "My So-Called Life" it's the house from It's a Wonderful Life with a line from the song in the movie... (Just some random examples for ya.) So the question, TQC, is what would YOURS be? How do you wittily sum up something about you in a simple design and perhaps a snippet of a sound?

2. My former Spanish host sister is coming to NYC, and I want to take her out and show her a good time, America-style. However I don't live *in* the city, only near it, and I don't go out barhopping or clubbing much, sooo any suggestions?
2b. My 18 year old brother will probably be in the city that night too, are there any places he could get into along with us so he doesn't have to sit around by himself?

3. My Sims 2 has apparently randomly erased all my saved info. The neighborhood I made, everyone in it, all my downloads... Any ideas on how to try to restore it? (I have no idea when/how this happened, I haven't played for months but I popped in my disc the other day and look ma, no d

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