Mrar (mrar) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. How do you feel about cursing?

2. Do you care about the origins / history of the words you use, or only about the current connotations?

1. I really don't care about cursing unless it's directed at someone in a negative way. Saying "that sucks" or "that's fucking awesome" doesn't matter to me at all. This is often bad though, because I consider curses a normal part of my vocabulary and often forget to not say them around people who care (faculty, parents, relatives, etc).

2. I find the origins and history of words interesting but will only consider the current connotations when I use words. I've been ragged on for using words that have positive or normal connotations in the present because 100-200 years ago they were racist terms. I can't remember the specific word in this situation, but it was something that is not racist at all in the present. I've also gotten in big debates with people about whether certain words should be used because 50 + years ago they were considered derogatory.

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