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All Grown Up

1. What are the things in life that you feel you are too old to do? (Ride a bike with a helmet, play in a sandbox, whine, throw tantrums, play with bouncey balls in stores, those kinds of things.)

2. Why does  a strong personality comes across as offensive when a person is just calling it how they see it?

3. What is your favorite "screw it I'm not putting on any clothes today, but I gotta wear something" outfit?

1. Definitely throw tantrums. I still do and I pout when I don't get my way, but few people actually see that. I love to goof off in stores. Especially Wal-mart! Go into the toy section to play. I have a blast. It's even  more fun at 3 AM. 

2. If everyone in the room is saying the PC version of their opinion, I feel cheated. I go for the person that doesn't mince words. I feel those people are more honest to themselves and to the world. That is, so long as it is done in a polite tone. Screaming at someone and telling them what a loser they are is no way to accomplish anything; saying in a conversational tone - hey buddy I think you need to get a job and off my couch - is much better. 

3. I have a pair of black fleece pants with little white skulls and red dots all over them. They're super warm and comfy. I usally throw on whatever t-shirt is closest and my leopard print slippers. It's disorganized but I've been told it's kinda adorable.
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