Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Poll #1147482 Dilemma

You're waiting for the crosswalk to turn green. Suddenly, a guy walks over to you and says "You're Terry the bookie, right? I got what you want" and before you can say anything contrary, he hands you $1,000 and walks off. What do you do?

Stop him and explain that I'm not a bookie nor named Terri and hand him his money back
Pocket the dough and go quickly about my merry way, making it a point not to come to this corner again

Let's say we're all single here. Think of the person you have a crush on the most. One Saturday night, you're watching tv when you get a phone call. It's from your crush "Hey, it's me. I was thinking about you. It got me so turned on. I want you tonight. Can you come over?" Then, he or she hangs up. Now, up til now, you weren't sure if that person knew you liked them, but this changes everything. What do you do?

Smile, but stay where I am. If my crush is into me, there's opportunity there to work on that later
Get dressed and drive out there to my crush's place for hot bootie action

There's an overpopulation of cats in your city. There's a lot of strays, and they breed at a high rate, and because they're cutie wutie kitties, no one wants to see anything bad happen to them, so they let them run around. Now, the cats are killing off many of the local birds, squirrels and other small wildlife in your area, endangering the local species. The mayor urges everybody to pitch in and help catch the cats, so they can be collected and mass exterminated, for the good of the wildlife. What do you do?

Start setting traps and help capture the cats
Do one better. Get a baseball bat and help a few of them strays meet their maker
Do nothing, and thus, support the cats in wiping out all indigenous wildlife

You're at a park and you see a man hit his dog for doing something bad. The dog cowers and the man screams at it and hits it again. Some people there step in and try and defend the dog, but he says that it's his dog and he can do as he wishes. He goes back to his bench and leaves 10 minutes later. You notice something on the bench. He left his wallet there. You flip through it, and notice that it has $1,000 in it, and what looks like aged, yellow pictures of what you think are his parents, which are probably irreplacable. He's an asshole, but does he deserve to be parted from this much money and personal pictures, or is this all part of the asshole tax? Also, nowhere in the wallet is there an ID or anthing with his information, so you wouldn't be able to locate him once he goes away. He's just leaving the park now. It's now or never. What do you do?

Pocket the money. Throw his wallet away
Chase after him and return his wallet

You're asked to housesit/apartmentwatch for your hottest friend (of the gender you're attracted to). So, you're there, in their home, and kind of bored, so you look for a movie to watch. No cable and nothing's on. No dvds, but there's vhs tapes. You put in an unlabelled tape and press play. The screen lights up. It's not a movie at all, but rather, a sex tape between your friend (owner of the place you're watching) and their ex. It looks like it's juicy, graphic, noisy sex. What do you do?

Turn it off. It's completely disrespectful to watch it. I don't tell him or her I found it
I watch a little bit of it. I don't tell my friend
I watch all of it. I tell my friend about it, teasing him or her
Watch the whole thing and don't tell my friend
Record a Full House rerun over it

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