CodeXile (codexile) wrote in thequestionclub,


i was on a porch at a house i was recently looking at that smelled of a fresh bouquet of flowers. i asked the woman showing us the house how she kept it smelling so nice, she told me it was an "Air Wicks" electric air freshener.

my sisters room always smells of rich vanilla, a scent i normally hate, but it smelled awesome in her room. she attributed her scent success to Glade plugins.

anytime i've ever gotten these plugins (in their defense, i've only tried febreze plugins), they never seem to work as well for me as they do for others.

additionally my sisters bedroom is in the basement, so it's always quite cool and the air always smells fresh. is there any way i can replicate this from the third floor of an apartment building? dehumidifiers maybe? i'm not even sure what dehumidifiers really *do*.

So I guess this is a two part question about comfort. Most importantly though, how do you keep your rooms smelling nice, preferably something low maintenance and low cost (as i'd like to keep my whole apartment smelling nice).

thanks for any tips :)

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