Black Wolf (det_munch) wrote in thequestionclub,
Black Wolf

1a tampons, pads, or something else
1b what side effects do you get?

1a-tampons, I just find them easier and more comfortable
1b stomachache and sleepiness on the first couple of days is my usual but a few months ago I got bad cramps :(

2a Dinosaur BBQ or Sticky Lips?
2b what’s a good Mexican restaurant?

2a I've never been to Dinosaur but Sticky Lips is very tasty-my dad has been to both and prefers it.

3a What did Mike do on Dirty Jobs last Tuesday? I missed it
3b If you have a car, do you have touch-up paint for it? How big is the bottle, and how much did it cost?

3b I do, it's about 3/4 oz I got it for free because the dealership didn't have any so he wrote me a note telling this collision place to give me a bottle-pretty good deal, the place wasn't even like two minutes away and I've no idea why the guy gave me so much but apparently it's quite a bit-my dad was surprised when I showed him ha.
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