✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism) wrote in thequestionclub,
✖ dream of californication

good evening, TQC!

so, i'm considering dying my hair some ridiculous color, becuase I am a college hooligan with no job. It is practically my responsibility to look ridiculous. I will combine this with my graphic t-shirts, torn jeans, and creative belt buckles (i like my Hylian crest one) to create the slacker college rebel kid look.

question is thus: i have dark brown hair, which is quite thick and wavy. I would like to dye it either bright purple, dark purple, or dark blue. do i have to bleach my hair first? What if I don't? I know bleaching's real bad for your hair, so..... i'd rather not. really, i have no idea what i am doing. i just know what i want to do. what should i do. what kind of hair dye should i use?

also, any other tips would be welcome.

i love thee. ♥

second question, with no relevance:

do you have any good internet psudeonyms? I've been PoD, Poddy, Chaos, and now most of the time i'm twin. plz share.

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