My Dear Delirious (cpl593h) wrote in thequestionclub,
My Dear Delirious

1. I want to start seriously cutting down refined sugars in my diet (I don't mind occasional treats like a piece of chocolate, or dessert while eating out). But I have a horrible sweet tooth. I'm not very educated on other natural sweeteners besides honey, which would taste like ass in things like coffee. What are my options here?

2. I bought some herbal teas in Istanbul. They're loose and I don't have an infuser so I mocked one up with a paper towel. They're very weak. Am I doing something wrong or is this just sucky tea?

3. Should I wake up at 5am and go to The Mother of All Flea Markets tomorrow? I don't have anything in particular to buy, nor much money, but my other options involve vegging out and being sedentary. Plus it's one of the only things that happens on Sundays here.

4. Who is currently winning in life, you or your exes?
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