Crimson Feather (bloodyhands) wrote in thequestionclub,
Crimson Feather

Friends vs Music

I have an old friend, whom I used to know from school. We've been in and out of contact for years. We get on well and I always enjoy seeing her. She phoned me the other day (having got my mobile off Facebook, I only add people I know personally) and asked if I wanted to go out for a drink at the pub her brother runs on the 29th of March.
The problem is I have tickets to see one of my favourite bands on the same night. They are relatively new and I've never seen them live before. They are also coming to the town where I live, which means I can hang around for as long as I like and maybe get to meet them.
I'll get to see her again soon but the band I probably won't and will have to travel if I do go and see them again, plus I've wasted £20 on a ticket.
So do I dump the friend and see the band?
Or miss the band and see my friend?

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