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gift issues

Hello all--I'm looking at the nicest, clearest, best way to go about telling my mom I really dislike the gifts she gives me. Its not quite Christmas here so I actually haven't gotten the bad gifts, but believe me they are coming.

My mom tends to get me lots of knick knacks and basically things she would like, but that I neither like, nor have the space for. I know she means well and really is trying to get me things I would like, so I don't want to hurt her feelings. However, I feel guilty going on and on pretending to like these things because its such a waste. I feel guilty for not using them/hiding them away/throwing them out and she wastes her time and money buying things I really dislike. I'll stop rambling--you get the idea.

Basically I need to tell her I don't want knick knacks, random holiday decorations, etc without being mean. I really do appreciate that shes thinking of me, but I can't take it anymore! (and yes I realize I should have told her this before christmas day, but she has been saving up knick knacks all year I'm sure--and theres no time like the present)

I need some advice!

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