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online shopping woes.

Let's say you've been a good kid this year and Santa *cough* gave you his credit card information so you could order what you wanted online. You finally decide on what you want and order it... and put in his billing address and your shipping address. Is it customary for a company to want the shipping address to be on file with the credit card company? I'm thinking that would be really strange, especially since somebody just sent me something they bought online and shipped it to me without having it shipped to them. But maybe I'm overlooking something here... this just seems a little wonky. In fact, now that I reread that, it seems really wonky.

In that case, how would respectfully but firmly tell the service representative that's emailed you to cancel your order? Obviously they're not going to work with me, so why should I work with them.... I can get what I need somewhere else. (Extra memory for my laptop for the curious.)
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