change4adollar (change4adollar) wrote in thequestionclub,


You know those freebies that companies have with their logos..the pens and key chains and calculators and such?  My boss wants me to pick one out for us to give to construction workers.  So of course I turned to you guys!  He gave me a few catalogs to look through, but I am having trouble deciding.  What do you think would be good?

I have ruled out pens, clocks, notebooks, and watches.  I was thinking maybe a flashlight or something.  What would they like?

EDIT: Nevermind. The book he gave me had just crappy stuff like pens and stuff. He just gave me a new one with coolers and chairs and pocket knives and bags. I asked the question initially because I didn't have enough ideas, now I just need to whittle it down! Thanks!!! :-)
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