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1)For anyone who watches Smallville, who would/do you have a crush on? Chloe or Lana? Lex or Pete or Clark? Or maybe you go for an older crowd - Martha, Jonathan, Lionel or Nell? Or someone else entirely?

2)Forgetting Smallville, what superhero would/do you go for? Who would you bang, who would you try to ensnare in a long-term romantic entanglement?

3)About about supervillians?

1)Okay... I do have a crush on Lex Luthor in Smallville. He's an awesome character, and there's something about the slope of his shoulders, how he carries himself, and his expressions that I really like. And he's effin' smart and kicks ass. Too bad he's a bit on the unstable and sson-to-become-world's-greatest-supervillian side.

2)It's hard to say for me, because everytime I hear someone talking about this and try to think about my answer, I get antsy. Really, I want the superpowers myself, not the superhero. Maybe if I had superpowers, I'd be more likely to be totally crushin' on a superhero, but until then, I don't so much want Spiderman as I want to have Spiderman's powers.

3)I tried to fight it, but for some odd reason Doc Ock in Spiderman 2 really appealed to me. He was oddly boyishly cute. And the fact that he was, when you got down to it, good, didn't hurt either.
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