Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^ (drusillamac) wrote in thequestionclub,
Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^

I feel like I'm always on here asking for advice!

My latest dilema is my job. At the moment I currently work Saturdays and Sundays at a service call centre for a supermarket. Basically we supply plumbers, refrigeration engineers, air conditioning engineers etc. The job is well paid - around £6ph which is roughly $11ph in American terms. However, the job has awkward hours such as 3-10pm and then 9am-5pm. On top of this I have uni as well. I just started uni this summer and have found the first semester to be difficult because of this work load. I handed in my notice yesterday but they argued that maybe we could find just one day a week for me.

However I'd prefer to not work in a call centre at the moment. So far I've worked in 3 call centres over the past year and the longest I've lasted is 9 months.

I've already applied for a few jobs in local supermakets, department stores etc. However most of them told me they won't be looking for interviewees until after Christmas. If I took a job in a store like this, I'm likely to start on £4.50ph which is around $8.50ph. Also, I'd be doing roughly 8 hours a week - the same in my current job if they cut my hours down. However I don't trust the company enough to do this until AFTER next semester ends.

My question is what should I do under these circumstances?
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