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family drama llamma

* edit* now with threatening myspace page.
the picture on the page with the devil horns is me, i really like this, it's good evidence to use against her.

I have had a lot of family drama the past few months. I have been ignoring them for a few months now, but it is really starting to get out of hand. All of this started when my grandma died and they found out me and my sister are the beneficiaries to her $2,000 life insurance policy.

My cousin will not stop harassing me. She constantly sends my texts and leaves voice mails for me telling me what a piece of sh*t I am and just being really bitchy to me. I ignore her, because I know she loves the drama and just wants to fight so she can have more stuff to use against me.

Anyways, we crossed paths on the road yesterday. She is a delivery driver and was in her work truck when she saw me. She sped up to catch me, at the same time swerving in and out of traffic. When she finally did catch up, she started riding my ass and nearly side swiped my car. I called the number on her truck and told them what she had done, I have been ignoring her and staying away from her for a long time but she wont stop the harrasment. I'm getting to the point where she makes me afraid. We cross paths every once in a while because the place I work is on one of her delivery routes. everytime she sees me she yells at me from her work truck, and flips me off.

I guess she told my uncle and my dad what happened because she got in trouble at work. Yesterday me and my boyfriend both received calls from my uncle and my father threatening out lives and also threatening to "beat the living shit" out of us.

Can I get a restraining order against all 3 of them? I am afraid that they might do something to harm to harm me or my boyfriend. 

Would you get in a fight with family over a $2,000 life insurance policy($1600 after taxes)?


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